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Digital Signage Software Contract Awarded

REACH Media named preferred vendor for Northwestern’s digital signage

  • Software is highly customizable for schools and departments
  • Potential to integrate with Northwestern’s emergency notification system
  • REACH Media also sells hardware for their digital signage solutions

EVANSTON, Ill. --- Northwestern University Procurement and Payment Services has awarded a preferred vendor contract to REACH Media Network for its cloud-based campus-wide digital signage software. 

REACH Media software can display fully customizable marketing information and content to television monitors utilized on Northwestern campuses. In addition, customizable widgets allow for integrating features such as clocks, weather, maps (including the DoubleMap NU shuttle tracker and the CTA Bus Tracker), sports scores, social media accounts and websites. 

REACH Media has the potential to integrate with the University’s emergency notification system, which can allow University Police to take over the digital signage screens to provide critical information in the case of an emergency or mass-communication event on campus.

REACH Media sells hardware for their digital signage solutions. This includes monitors, mounts, PC players and other miscellaneous hardware. However, purchasing new hardware from REACH Media is not required as the software works compatibly with any existing TV monitor within Wi-Fi range. The software can also run on PC hardware if the PC is connected to the screen.

(The digital signage software preferred pricing is $390 per license per year. There is also a one-time, upfront charge of $650 per department or group for screen configuration, unlimited training, maintenance, support and integration with Blackboard Connect for emergency notifications.)

For additional information, including REACH Media Network contact information, please see the Procurement & Payment Services Preferred Vendor page.

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