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Second MOOC Offered in Content Specialization

Free massive open online course teaches content to better engage and impact audiences

  • Training for professionals in media, business, nonprofit, government
  • Class focuses on “Expanding Your Content’s Impact and Reach”
  • Northwestern faculty guide participants to better engage their audiences
  • Learn content trends, social media engagement tools, digital interactive content

EVANSTON, Ill. --- Northwestern University will launch “Content Strategy for Professionals -- Expanding Your Content’s Impact and Reach,” an innovative new massive open online course (MOOC) and the next course in the University’s first MOOC specialization program, on June 1.

The MOOC focusing on shaping content to better engage audiences is open to all students to enroll now, online and for free.

It is the second course in a specialization program for professionals at all levels of for-profit, nonprofit, volunteer or government organizations. The course is intended to give students the knowledge and skills to advance their enterprises and their own career.

The course can be taken either as a stand-alone MOOC or as part of the specialization program. Students also can apply for a certificate. The top specialization participants will be selected to have their final project recognized and awarded a prize by a real-world enterprise.

The Content Strategy Specialization on Coursera is led by Northwestern’s Media Management Center, founded by Professor John Lavine, and a host of faculty from the University’s Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications and Kellogg School of Management.

The course on creating content for better impact and reach -- and the option to take it as part of the specialization program -- add to Northwestern’s record of innovative learning systems on the Coursera online platform.

“It is a wonderful course and opportunity for everyone who wants to improve his or her professional skills in communication, marketing and even journalism,” said Clicerio Munoz Pavon of Mexico, who participated in the first Northwestern Content Strategy MOOC -- “Content Strategy for Professionals -- Engaging Audiences for Your Organization.”

The latest Content Strategy MOOC, “Expanding Your Content’s Impact and Reach” continues to serve professionals in every organization -- for-profit, nonprofit, volunteer and government. It differs from the previous MOOC as it delves deeper into the theory and practice of content strategy.

In the MOOC, six expert Northwestern professors share their insights and offer actionable advances on a range of relevant topics including:  

  • Understanding and capitalizing on content trends
  • Social community engagement strategies and how to use them
  • Gamification tools to engage with target and external audiences
  • The latest examples of effective digital interactive content
  • A best practice boot camp for visual communication
  • A guide to efficiently monitoring and measuring content’s impact and reach

The MOOC is divided into six modules with each separated into a number of succinct, easy-to-complete sessions. There are no prerequisites, exams or term papers. There are two practical case studies where participants will apply and execute skills learned in the course. Get details on the course and how to enroll.

About the Content Strategy Specialization

"Content Strategy for Professionals -- Expanding Your Content’s Impact and Reach": The course is one of two MOOCs in the world’s first Content Strategy Specialization offered by Northwestern on Coursera. The specialization includes this MOOC and the first MOOC "Content Strategy for Professionals -- Engaging Audiences for Your Organization," as well as a final capstone project. Get more information and signup details.

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