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Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day April 23

The theme of Northwestern University’s daylong celebration is to ‘#MPOWER’

EVANSTON, Ill. --- “All in a Day’s Worm,” a close-up look at what scientists do in a biological research lab, and “Mysteries of Sound & Color Illusions,” a session on how humans perceive sound and view light and color, are among the workshops that will be offered on the Evanston campus during Northwestern University’s 21st annual Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day.

Chicago campus workshops will include “In Your Genes,” an introduction to genetic counseling; “You’re the Webmaster,” an introduction to coding and a chance to create your own Web page, and “Law and Order,” a program on how our criminal justice system works.

The theme for the Thursday, April 23 daylong celebration is “#MPOWER, Knowledge + Choice = Strength.”

Registration in Evanston and Chicago has closed because workshops have reached capacity. There will be no on-site registration on the morning of the program. All children must be pre-registered.

Established by the Ms. Foundation and now administered by the Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day Foundation, the nationally recognized program is designed to expose girls and boys to the value of an education and a balanced work and family life. It also helps them to envision their future.

The annual event continues to be one of the most popular programs offered by Northwestern’s Women’s Center. The daylong event is open to the pre-teen and teenage relatives and friends of Northwestern staff and faculty members.

About 350 girls and boys ages 8 to 16 are expected to participate in 34 career-related Evanston campus sessions and 14 Chicago campus workshops.

The daylong event will include a choice of three, 45-minute morning tours emphasizing science, technology and mathematics, followed by lunch with sponsors. Children also will have a chance to observe their Northwestern sponsors at work during a two-hour, late afternoon period of job shadowing.

For more information, or to view tour descriptions of 2015 workshops, visit:

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