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Northwestern to Donate $1 Million Annually to City of Evanston

University establishes “Good Neighbor Fund” to help support city projects, services

EVANSTON, Ill. --- Northwestern University will donate $1 million annually to the city of Evanston for the next five years, starting this year, Evanston Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl and Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro announced today (March 20).

Mayor Tisdahl announced the agreement by Northwestern to donate $1 million annually for the next five years in her annual State of the City speech.

“My thanks to President Schapiro for the Good Neighbor policy and this wonderful investment in our community. Northwestern is one of the great universities in the country, which is a tremendous asset for Evanston,” Mayor Tisdahl said.

Under an agreement signed recently by Mayor Tisdahl and President Schapiro, Northwestern agrees to donate $1 million annually to the city of Evanston for the city’s “Good Neighbor Fund” for a period of five years, beginning Sept.1, 2015. Proceeds from this donation will be spent on projects and services agreed to jointly by the mayor of Evanston and the Northwestern president.

Every July 1, the mayor of Evanston will develop a list of projects and services to be eligible for funding and provide that to the Northwestern president. The mayor and president will review the list and agree on projects and issues to be funded for the 12-month period beginning Sept. 1. 

“We’re very pleased to make this donation to the city of Evanston. One of Northwestern’s greatest assets is its location in Evanston, so we look forward to providing additional support for the important work that the city does,” President Schapiro said.

Eligible projects and services will include:

  • Capital projects supporting city infrastructure and facilities
  • Specific support for existing city services
  • Special projects

“Northwestern and Evanston have been partners for more than 150 years, and the relationship has been mutually beneficial to both the University and the city. This commitment ensures that this partnership will remain strong,” President Schapiro said.