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New Home for Audiology, Speech, Language, and Learning Clinics

Northwestern to open new facility for top treatment and training

EVANSTON, Ill.  --- Northwestern University's highly regarded Audiology and Speech, Language, and Learning Clinics are combining forces to become the Center for Audiology, Speech, Language, and Learning. The new state-of-the-art building opens on Jan. 7, 2015.

Open to the public, the non-profit Center at the School of Communication offers evidence-based evaluation and treatment for children and adults, all while providing research and training experiences to Northwestern graduate students in the professions of Audiology, Speech-Language Pathology and Learning Disabilities.

"The new facility bridges science and service under one roof, offering one of the area's top resources for clinical services,” said Denise Boggs Eisenhauer, director of the Speech-Language Services at the Center for Audiology, Speech, Language, and Learning.  

Expanded services, modern amenities and free covered parking will be offered. Enhancements to the new space include a family observation room, state-of-the-art audiology and voice lab equipment, and more patient rooms.

The Center also will feature an “Audio Environment Simulation Room,” one of the few such spaces in the country. Patients in the audio room will be able to test hearing devices against a range of background noises and real-world environments to fine-tune and personalize fittings. Speech, language, and learning clients also will be able to change the background settings to practice communicating in various simulated environments.

Northwestern, the birthplace of Audiology, has also pioneered the identification and treatment of communication and learning challenges. "The new Center offers opportunity for increased collaboration across disciplines and integrates innovation and science to form the foundation of our clinical care,” said Diane Novak, manager of Audiology Services.

The Center for Audiology, Speech, Language, and Learning is located at 2315 N. Campus Drive, housed within the new North Parking Garage; it has a separate entrance through the building's southwest door (or Elevator B in the garage).

Visit for a comprehensive list of services and information on resources, research and communication disorders, or call 847-491-3165.

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