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Evanston and Northwestern Launch Workforce Development Program

Partnership to deliver 25 jobs, $1 million in business annual to Evanston Community

EVANSTON, Ill. --- Evanston residents now have a clearer path to qualify for and attain employment on campus construction, renovation and maintenance projects as part of a new Workforce Development Program announced today by the City of Evanston and Northwestern University.

The City and Northwestern will seek to provide 25 residents with employment and apprenticeship opportunities to fill positions on University construction projects.

As part of the groundbreaking partnership, Northwestern University’s Facilities Management Division will include a commitment for the first time ever to have contractors and subcontractors hire qualified Evanston residents to the extent possible and has pledged to spend at least $1 million per year with local businesses.

“Not only does this program connect Evanston residents with employment opportunities within the community, it builds a network of qualified, talented workers to fill these positions for years to come,” said Evanston Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl. “We’re proud to partner with Northwestern in our continued effort to maintain Evanston as wonderful place to live, work and learn.”

Northwestern President Morton Schapiro said, "Northwestern University is strongly committed to being a good neighbor. We are proud of our cooperative work with the City of Evanston and our other community partners.  This new program is another example of our desire to have a positive impact on the residents of Evanston and the life of our community."

The program will ramp up in a pilot phase this summer/fall when construction on major projects begins. The City and Northwestern will strive to provide employment opportunities for up to 25 Evanston residents, with the potential for more jobs in the future.

In the coming weeks, the City of Evanston will announce an open call for community members who are interested in joining the Workforce Development Program. Residents will be invited to fill out an application to qualify for the program, and potential candidates will be vetted by City staff to determine eligibility.

The City will then provide a pool of qualified Evanston residents to Northwestern, which will work with its contractors and subcontractors to ensure that residents are employed on appropriate construction projects to the extent possible. It’s important to note that all potential candidates will still be subject to the hiring process of Northwestern and its contractors and subcontractors. Northwestern will report on how many Evanston residents were employed on an annual basis.

Residents are encouraged to join the City’s “Workforce Development” email list at, or call 311 (847-448-4311 outside of Evanston), to receive updates regarding the program and the sign-up process.

To learn more about the Workforce Development Program, view the Fact Sheet.

For more information from the City, please contact Patrick Deignan at (847) 448-8234 or

For more information from the University, please contact Storer Rowley at (847) 491-4889 or
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