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Norris Center Welcomes Changes

New improvements enhance student experience at Norris University Center

A larger U.S. Bank branch, new “pod” chairs, and $10,000 in new audio-visual equipment are among the changes and improvements happening at Norris University Center to enhance the student experience.

Sometimes a few changes can go a long way. At Norris, recent improvements have made the center a more welcoming and functional gathering space for eating, studying and socializing.

While plans for a new student center are being discussed and a comprehensive survey was conducted last year, the current iteration of Norris will continue to serve students for the next several years, said Kelly Schaefer, the new executive director of Norris.

Schaefer said her staff is committed to providing the best possible experience for students visiting Norris and outlined the numerous upgrades to the building and its programming that have been implemented over the last several months.

  • The opening of Frontera Fresco and other enhancements to Norris dining options and event catering
  • Redecorating of the center’s west entrance, including a fresh purple paint job and new comfortable couches
  • Increased “soft seating” throughout the building in stairwells and landing areas to provide increased space for study and relaxation
  • New “pod” chairs and additional seating near the Starbucks at Norris
  • New table tents on tables near the Starbucks at Norris, so students can indicate if they are using the entire table or willing to share with others
  • Additional bike racks and enhanced landscaping near the building’s west entrance
  • New U.S. Bank location that offers full bank branch services to students
  • A new chalkboard near the west entrance to serve as a community art project
  • $10,000 in new audio-visual equipment to provide a better experience for events held at Norris.
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