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Northwestern Announces Professorships

The Board of Trustees has approved 22 new named professorships

EVANSTON, Ill. --- The following faculty members were nominated to named professorships at the Northwestern University Board of Trustees meeting earlier this month. The professorships will be effective Sept. 1.

Chris Abani, professor of English, to the Board of Trustees Chair

Kevin Boyle, who will be joining Northwestern in July 2013 as professor of history, to the William Smith Mason Professorship of American History

Chris Bush, associate professor of French and Italian, to the Herman and Beulah Pearce Miller Research Professorship in Literature

Steven Calabresi, professor of law, to the Clayton J. and Henry R. Barber Professorship

Lindsay Chase-Lansdale, professor of education and social policy and associate provost for faculty, to the Frances E. Willard Professorship

Alok Choudhary, professor of electrical engineering and computer science, to the Henry and Isabelle Dever Chair in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Charlotte Crane, professor of law, to the Benjamin Mazur Summer Research Professorship

David Dana, professor of law, to the Kirkland & Ellis Chair

John Elson, professor of law and director of the School of Law’s Civil Litigation Center, to the Harry B. Reese Teaching Professorship

Bryna Kra, professor of mathematics, to the Sarah Rebecca Roland Professorship

Dimitri Krainc, who will be the chair of the department of neurology effective Sept. 1, as the Aaron Montgomery Ward Professor

Harold Kung, professor of chemical and biological engineering, to the Walter P. Murphy Professorship

Robert Lavker, professor of dermatology, to the Jack W. Graffin, M.D., Research Professorship

Eric Masanet, associate professor of mechanical engineering, to the Morris E. Fine Research Professorship

Andrew T. Parsa, professor and vice chair of neurological surgery, to the Michael J. Marchese Chair in Neurosurgery

Alessandro Pavan, professor of economics, to the HSBC Professorship of Economics

Erik Joseph Sontheimer, professor of molecular biosciences, to the Soretta and Henry Shapiro Research Professorship in Molecular Biology

James Speta, professor of law, to the Class of 1940 Research Professorship

Matthew Spitzer, who will join Northwestern Law July 1 as professor of law, to the Howard and Elizabeth Chapman Professorship

Kristen Stilt, professor of law, to the Harry R. Horrow Professorship in International Law

Elie Tamer, professor of economics, to the Robert E. and Emily King Professorship in Business Institutions

Kimberly Yuracko, professor of law, to the Stanford Clinton Research Professorship in the School of Law

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