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Women's Health Research Institute Honors Carol Marin

Marks fifth anniversary, presents reporter its first Voices for Women award

CHICAGO --- The Northwestern University Women's Health Research Institute celebrated its fifth anniversary by honoring award-winning Chicago reporter Carol Marin with its first Voices for Women Award at a special event today (Nov.13).

The program also featured a keynote talk on the importance of sex differences in mental health research in women by Katherine Wisner, M.D. the Asher Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and a physician at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  

The Voices for Women Award recognizes individuals who are unafraid of controversy and are effective in communicating the gaps that still exist between women and men.

“We selected Carol Marin to be the first recipient of this award for her balanced and in-depth reporting on issues of concern to women that have made the headlines over the past year,” said Teresa Woodruff, director of the Institute and chief of fertility preservation for the Feinberg School.  

Marin is the political editor for NBC 5 News, a political columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and a contributor for WTTW’s "Chicago Tonight."

"Reporters as thoughtful as Carol Marin create an environment in which women's health research and care are part of the equation, not a political football,” Woodruff added. “We are proud to honor her years of service to the community and to women throughout Illinois with the inaugural Voices for Women Award. We are committed to fostering the research that is needed to ensure women and men are provided with the scientifically-based care that they deserve."

The Women’s Health Research Institute is a voice for scientifically based research and information on health issues that impact women. Its new website provides the latest information about women’s health research and care for researchers, scholars, clinicians and the public at

“We are becoming an even stronger voice through our newly refurbished website and our programming efforts that are all about 'Science to Care,” Woodruff said.

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