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Fall 2012 Named Professorships

The following faculty members were nominated to named professorships at the Board of Trustees meeting last month:

-Vadim Backman, professor of biomedical engineering, to the Walter Dill Scott Professorship

-Peter Carroll, associate professor of history, to the Wayne V. Jones Research Professorship in History

-Irina Dolinskaya, assistant professor of industrial engineering and management sciences, to the William A. Patterson Junior Professorship in Transportation

-Mark Hersam, professor of materials science and engineering, to the Bette and Neison Harris Professorship in Teaching Excellence

-Ji-Yong Julie Kim, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology, to the Susy Y. Hung Research Professorship

-David J. Klumpp, associate professor of urology, to the Anthony J. Schaeffer, MD, Professorship in Urology

-Jörg Kreienbrock, associate professor of German, to the AT&T Research Professorship

-Paul Leonardi, associate professor of communication studies, to the Pentair-D. Eugene and Bonnie L. Nugent Teaching Professorship

-Donald M. Lloyd-Jones, professor of preventive medicine, to the Eileen M. Foell Professorship

-Phillip Messersmith, professor of biomedical engineering, to the Erastus Otis Haven Professorship

-Gregory Olson, professor of materials science and engineering, to the Walter P. Murphy Professorship

-Harris Perlman, associate professor of medicine, to the Solovy-Arthritis Research Society Chair in Medicine

-Susan E. Quaggin, professor of medicine at the University of Toronto, to the Charles H. Mayo, MD, Professorship

-Jelena Radulovic, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, to the Dunbar Professorship in Bipolar Disease

-Praveen Thumbikat, assistant professor of urology, to the O’Connor Family Research Professorship in Urology

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