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Car Charging Stations Coming

Engineering students help launch program for electric cars at several city sites

EVANSTON, Ill. --- Evanston soon will be even greener, thanks to five Northwestern industrial engineering students. The city’s first public electric vehicle charging stations will be installed soon in three parking lots around the city.

Solar energy will power the stations.

A team of seniors at the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science jumpstarted the planning process a year ago when they tackled the complicated topic for a design project. Working with the city, they analyzed the traffic, technological, business and financial aspects of bringing stations to Evanston.

“The students were spot-on and very professional,” said Catherine Hurley, Evanston’s sustainable programs coordinator. “Their work really helped us to be familiar with the technology.”

Each charging station will charge up to four electric vehicles at one time, with two ports reserved for I-GO cars and two for the general public.

The stations will be located at 1702 Chicago Ave., 825 Hinman Ave. and 2122 Central St.

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