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Prepare for the NATO Summit

Guidelines for preparing for potential impacts of May 20 and 21 conference

The city of Chicago will be hosting the NATO summit Sunday, May 20, and Monday, May 21, 2012.  In the run-up to the summit, the city will implement measures that will assist in crowd and traffic management. While Northwestern University does not expect significant impacts to its operations, we must all be prepared for unexpected events. This document has been developed to help you think how the summit may impact your organization and what you can do to be prepared. The table below details several potential impacts to the city and Northwestern and lists steps you can take to ensure your safety and preparedness. 

NATO Summit Potential Impacts on Northwestern Organizations

Strategies to Prepare

Limited access to downtown facilities/offices and workplace restrictions

  • Update your emergency contact information in FASIS
  • Update your contact information with your supervisor, including your home and cellphone numbers email address, and alternate email
  • Know the University’s notification process
  • Review building evacuation plans and know what to do if told to “shelter in place”

Street closures and traffic diversions (pedestrian and auto)

  • Monitor available notifications regarding traffic impacts
  • Develop an alternate route to work. Rail and bus lines (including the Northwestern intercampus shuttle) may be completely shut down or have limited service
  • Consult with your supervisor about your work responsibilities on impacted days

Spotty cell and Internet bandwidth

  • Make sure your loved ones/family are aware of your work schedule and cellphone and land line numbers

Limited deliveries of supplies

  • Put together a small “go” kit: water, critical medication, flashlight and batteries and some non-perishable food

Technology failures

  • Make sure your data on your local PC is stored on a network drive and/or backup device
  • Make sure to keep important data locally on a jump drive and encrypt where data is sensitive

Electricity, gas, water and other utility failures

  • Make sure your cellphone and laptop are fully charged prior to coming to work
  • Make sure you have a “go” kit with water and other critical supplies (see above)

In addition to the above, consider registering for a new city of Chicago service called NotifyChicago. The service will send alerts regarding various emergency and non-emergency situations that may take place throughout Chicago. You can register for the free service by visiting 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact:

Business Continuity Planning – Sharlene Mielke at or Ameya Pawar at

Emergency Management – Shaun Johnson at or Clement Stokes at

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