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Internal Communications Studied

Students, faculty and staff surveyed on communications usage

Northwestern University is reviewing its internal communications in an effort to develop ways to communicate more effectively with students, faculty and staff, said Alan Cubbage, vice president for University Relations.

In addition to gathering data on usage of the web site, the University is surveying students, faculty and staff about how they get information about Northwestern and about events on campus.

“Northwestern is a complex organization and our internal audiences communicate with one another in many ways – email, the web, text messaging, printed materials and others,” Cubbage said. “We want to ascertain how effective our current communications are and what sort of things internal audiences are most interested in.”

Students, faculty and staff have been asked to participate in an online survey. The survey asks respondents such things as what are their top sources of information about Northwestern and how often do they read or look at various publications and websites. 

The surveys are available at the following links.

For students

For faculty and staff

“We hope that students, faculty and staff will respond to the survey,” Cubbage said. “The information that our audiences provide will be very helpful in developing any changes to our current communications.” 

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