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Student Affairs Moving to Upgrade Student Housing

Alpha Epsilon Pi is moving and negotiations are under way with other fraternities

EVANSTON, Ill. --- In the first of a planned series of moves to upgrade student housing, the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity recently reached an agreement to continue its successful partnership with Northwestern and will move to a new location beginning Sept. 1.

Vice President for Student Affairs Patricia Telles-Irvin announced the agreement and said the group will move from its first home on campus at 562 Lincoln St. to a larger and more attractive site at 584 Lincoln St. The relocation will allow the fraternity to cultivate and augment membership.

The move comes as Student Affairs is starting the early work to develop a long-range master plan for renovating and upgrading Northwestern’s student housing. However, some of the houses on “Peanut Row” are in need of work sooner.

“My very sincere concern is for the students, and that’s why we hope to move much faster on this issue,” Telles-Irvin said. “That’s the message I’m sending to all fraternities with whom we are negotiating. One has signed and we are negotiating with two others now.”

The Tau Delta Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi was formed in 1996 and grew quickly, allowing for significant integration into Greek life at Northwestern. Its members serve as leaders of the Greek, Jewish and campus communities.

This is the first of three chapters to transition from Lincoln Street. Due to the older condition of the structures at 572 and 576 Lincoln St., Theta Chi and Zeta Beta Tau also are in discussions with Northwestern about relocating their residences.

“We anticipate a successful transition of both of these fraternities to the new locations this summer,” Telles-Irvin said.

The development of a master plan for upgrading student housing is in the works but is expected to take some time and will be a multi-year project. It follows the work of Northwestern’s Evanston Campus Framework Plan unveiled in 2008 that set a framework to guide the future development of the Evanston campus.
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