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University statements on Middle East conflict

Communications related to the current conflict in Israel and Gaza

Following are links to Northwestern University communications related to the current conflict in Israel and Gaza.

  • Announcing new committee on preventing antisemitism and hate
    Nov. 13
    To support the University’s commitment to protecting our students, faculty and staff from antisemitism and other forms of discriminatory or threatening acts based upon religion or national origin and to promote our central mission of civil dialogue and learning, I will appoint the President’s Advisory Committee on Preventing Antisemitism and Hate.> View the complete message

  • Promoting peace and civility
    Nov. 4
    On Friday, an Arab Muslim student at Stanford University was injured in what is being investigated as a potential hate crime. ... These incidents serve as stark reminders that we must be vigilant in our efforts to promote peace and civility, and to provide safety and support to our community.> View the complete message

  • Civility during conflict
    Oct. 26
    We have spoken before about Northwestern’s values. Many of them seem particularly important today. We champion access, diversity and belonging; we encourage debate; we strengthen our community and perhaps most importantly, we care about one another.> View the complete message

  • Statement on fake copies of The Daily Northwestern
    Oct. 25
    On Wednesday, someone or some group distributed fake copies of the University’s independent, student-run newspaper, The Daily Northwestern, across the Evanston campus. The fake newspaper included images and language about Israel that many in our community found offensive. The student newspaper, which is a separate entity from the University, is looking into the issue.> View the complete statement

  • Statement on Education City faculty statement
    Oct. 23
    The views represented in the statement issued by a group of faculty members in Education City, Qatar, earlier today do not represent the views of Northwestern University. We mourn the loss of life throughout the region. Our students, faculty and staff at NU-Qatar – many of whom have already lost loved ones – remain in our hearts and minds.> View the complete statement

  • Support resources for students during these challenging times
    Oct. 19
    These are incredibly challenging times. We've heard from many students who have been profoundly affected by the escalating violence in Israel and Gaza. Our hearts are heavy with grief for the violence, pain and suffering that so many are enduring. It is always a sign of strength to seek help and support, and we encourage you to do so now. Please use these Northwestern resources as you care for yourselves and others.> View the complete statement

  • University statement on professor Khaled Al-Hroub’s interview with WBUR
    Oct. 17
    While Northwestern firmly supports academic freedom and freedom of expression, we condemn any attempt to minimize or misrepresent the horrific killing of Israeli civilians by Hamas on Oct. 7. Khaled Al-Hroub's opinions are his own. Individual faculty members do not represent the views or beliefs of the University. > View the complete statement

  • Message on Northwestern Values
    Oct. 13
    Earlier this week, I circulated a communication to our senior leadership stating my view that I should not as the president of Northwestern make statements on behalf of the entire University on “political, geopolitical or social issues that do not directly impact the core mission of our University.” This belief is based upon the principles of academic freedom and free expression that undergird our institution and allow for a multiplicity of views on these types of matters. > View the complete message

  • Message from President Schill to senior leadership
    Oct. 12
    Some of you have asked either me or the provost about whether the University would be issuing a statement on the current conflict in Israel and Gaza. I also know many of you are receiving similar requests from your own leadership, staff and communities. I am not planning to put out a statement officially stating a University position. I thought I would write to give you a bit of insight into why. > View the complete message
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