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Logistics expert available on COVID-19 vaccine distribution and shipping

Northwestern University logistics systems expert Hani S. Mahmassani is available to discuss the unique challenges that lie ahead for distribution of COVID-19 vaccines across the U.S. and around the world. 

Mahmassani, director of the Northwestern University Transportation Center, recently conducted a workshop on the logistics of COVID-19 vaccine distribution featuring key stakeholders from the medical community, pharmaceutical industry and logistics companies. 

Quote from Mahmassani:

“Moving the vaccine through its complex supply chain at the desired national and global scales poses unprecedented challenges due to the special handling requirements and the generally tight capacity situation in the trucking industry, including a growing driver shortage.”

Mahmassani can be reached at

Mahmassani is a specialist in logistics systems, supply chain networks, disaster management and large-scale events. He has also developed models of COVID-19 spread through mobility to evaluate the effectiveness of mitigation measures and how these measures are impacting the behavior of businesses and households. (The models are applicable to any kind of contagious disease.) 

Mahmassani is the William A. Patterson Distinguished Chair in Transportation in Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering.