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Amid Fears of Bloodshed, Another Egyptian Revolution?

Anthropologist Jessica Winegar explains the latest turmoil in the Middle East

Pro- and anti-government forces are clashing on the streets of Cairo as Egypt's military steps in to remove president Mohamed Morsi -- amid fears of a second revolution.

Sociocultural anthropologist Jessica Winegar of Northwestern University says Morsi has failed to meet expectations in his short stint as Egypt's leader. She appeared July 2 to discuss the story on the news program Chicago Tonight on WTTW.

Winegar, who specializes in class, gender and Islam in the Middle East and North Africa, said, "Egyptians feel he hasn't respected the demands of the revolution."

She reported that 22 million people have signed a petition of no confidence, listing grievances such as a problematic constitutional process dominated by Islamist voices and a failing economy.

Watch the entire Chicago Tonight interview.

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