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New program to train Campus Security Authorities

New online training enables success of Northwestern program

EVANSTON - In order to strengthen Campus Security Authority (CSA) training, which contributes to overall community safety, Northwestern University today (Oct. 19) launched an online program to train the University’s 650 Campus Security Authorities (CSAs).

The CSA mission is a critically important role for Northwestern. Many students, faculty and staff have long been serving as CSAs, enhancing campus security by reporting allegations of possible crime in a timely manner.

Through these efforts, CSAs help Northwestern protect the University community and ensure the University is compliant with the federal Clery Act to better promote awareness of crime, community safety and security information.

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act requires certain crimes, arrests and referrals on and near college campuses to be reported in an Annual Security Report. University Police already compiles and releases these statistics by Oct. 1 every year. Clery Act crimes range from sex offenses, robbery and burglary to aggravated assault and murder. Certain categories of arrests and hate crimes are also included.

The accessibility and interactive nature of the new CSA web-based training will make it easier for CSAs to learn their duties. While not mandated, the training is highly encouraged for those taking on this important responsibility.

Northwestern strives to protect all members of its community, and the CSA program underscores the University’s commitment to promoting a campus climate in which people understand their responsibilities to help report and prevent crime.

Moreover, Northwestern is committed to fostering a learning, working and living environment where all members of our community can feel safe and thrive. The new program continues the proactive work the University has done in recent years to help prevent sexual misconduct and to create a campus climate and culture of respect.

For additional information on the CSA’s role and responsibilities, visit

For information on Clery Act reportable crimes, arrests, referrals and locations, visit

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