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Terri Sabol

Terri Sabol's research focuses on the individual and environmental factors that lead to healthy child development, with a particular emphasis on families and schools. She applies developmental theory, psychological measurement and advanced quantitative methods to pressing social policy issues that impact low-income children and families. In particular, Sabol focuses on assessing and improving early childhood education and increasing families’ human capital, including parent education, employment, and income. Through her research, Sabol aims to generate dynamic theories of change, measure complex social processes, and analyze data with advanced statistical techniques to produce innovative, functional scholarship aimed at improving the lives of low-income children. Prior to entering graduate school, she was a first-grade teacher in Chicago through the Teach for America program. Sabol is an assistant professor of human development and social policy in the School of Education and Social Policy. She is also a faculty associate at the Institute for Policy Research (IPR) and director of the Development, Early Education and Policy (DEEP) lab.

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