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Lindsay Chase-Lansdale

P. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale is a developmental psychologist and an expert on the interface between research and social policy for children and families. She specializes in multidisciplinary research on social issues and how they impact families and the development of children and adults. Much of Chase-Lansdale’s work addresses family strengths that lead to children's positive social and educational outcomes in the context of family economic hardship. Her research explores topics such as two-generation educational interventions for young parents and children, early childhood education, postsecondary education and training for low-income young adults, immigration, welfare reform, maternal employment, marriage and cohabitation, parent-child relationships, and social disparities in health. Chase-Lansdale is the Frances Willard Professor of Human Development and Social Policy in the School of Education and Social Policy. She is also an associate provost for faculty and a faculty fellow at the Institute for Policy Research (IPR). Chase-Lansdale was the founding director of Cells to Society (C2S): The Center on Social Disparities and Health at IPR.


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