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Human Development Research

At Northwestern University, we’re doing cutting-edge research to understand and improve human health from earlier and earlier moments in life. And we’re applying that research in ways that reverberate across the entire life course.

Northwestern brings disparate talents together to think in new ways about enormous social issues like health disparities, prenatal care, and support for parents and families. These researchers work in wildly divergent fields –ranging from anthropology andeconomics to psychology and education policy to medicine and communication–but they are all committed to blurring the boundaries between the social sciences and the medical sciences, creating common ground for the greater good. Our institutes and centers, including the Institute for Policy Research, Cells to Society: The Center on Social Disparities and Health, and the Institute for Innovations in Developmental Science (“DevSci”) support our researchers’ interdisciplinary and collaborative projects.

Learn more about our innovative work in human health and development —and our impact on policy —by exploring the content provided here.

Media Relations Contacts

Kristin Samuelson, Media Relations Specialist & Video Producer
Phone: 847-491-4888

Bob H. Rowley, Assistant Vice President of Media Relations
Phone:  847-491-4889

Hilary Hurd Anyaso, Law and Social Sciences Editor
Phone: 847-491-4887

Meet Our Experts

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